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Zhongshan City Cironbaby Co.,Ltd.

After becoming parents, we (Cironbaby and Spkbaby) want to design a baby product that can Soothe little one. So Cironbaby(Spkbaby) was borns out, and we just focus on Baby Swing/rocker. We want parents to know that we always keep you in mind–because we're parents, too. The safety of the baby is one of the key factors that we need to consider when designing a product. And our greatest wish is that make parents' lives more easier and enjoyable through our products. We are passionate, creative, and believe in only making high-quality products that are trusted and effective.

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Contact: Katherine Ching

Phone: +86-15113336250

E-mail: katherine@spkbaby.com

Add: No.6,Yongxing North Road,Yongxing Industrial Zone,Henglan Town,Zhongshan City,Guangdong,China

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